about us

Play It Forward (PIF) was born from the ashes of defunded public education music programs. We work to ensure equal access to the genius within each child — to help a young person realize who or what they can or should be. This doesn’t mean everyone who takes music lessons becomes a concert phenomenon. But those music lessons from a teacher, as well as the gently-used, donated instruments that PIF distributes, help a child prepare for the future, including job interviews, college placement, leadership, and life. Regardless of income, ability, proximity or any other barrier, PIF helps unlock potential and passion. We help children realize their own brilliance and we believe the world is better for it. 

our mission

The mission of Play It Forward is to ensure equal access to the genius within each child by establishing reliable music education and mentorship for all children regardless of income, ability, proximity, or any other barrier that stands between a potential student and his/her/their potential for greatness. We do this by providing reliable access to no-cost lessons and instruments, removing barriers of income, historical inequities, proximity or any other obstacle that stands between a child and access to the musical education that all children deserve.

student stories

Music transcends everything. When we help unlock the genius within a child, we’re supporting creative development and innovation that will last a lifetime, from college to a career and beyond. Regardless of income or talent, Play It Forward serves those with a desire to be something more — to be someone who makes the world a better place. We invite you to meet just a few of our amazing students, we believe they truly make the world a better place.

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Interacting with others is at the heart of music and mentorship. We invite you to contact us with the secure form below, give us a call, send an email, or write us a letter.  

our founders


Today, the love of Marietta Harrison and Michael Allen Harrison, as well as donations of time and money from benefactors the world over, has made Play It Forward a vital stanza in helping give young people the gentle nudge they need to change the world through music, leadership, innovation, and creativity.


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