Music Creates MAGIC – Grit

At Play It Forward, we know that opportunities remain locked behind doors that are inaccessible to too many children.

PIF Students Sound Winning Note on Lessons

Students Sound Winning Note on Lessons Student survey reveals overall satisfaction with program Play It Forward students expressed a wide range of positive reactions to their classes in a recent survey. In February, PIF gave a list of five questions to children enrolled in lessons at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary and KairosPDX public […]

Music Lessons: A Sound Investment

Music Lessons: A Sound Investment One of the most famous dismissals of music education was stated by none other than Aunt Mimi Smith, John Lennon’s fabled relative who mostly raised him. “The guitar’s all right, John, but you’ll never make a living out of it.” History proved Aunt Mimi wrong, but let’s be honest – […]

“S” is for Success – KEYS to Learning

Keys to Learning Part VI – Learning Music Key to Success Keys, both physical as well as musical, have long symbolized the tools needed to unlock potential in ourselves. Setting the stage for success Play It Forward can cite numerous studies that indicate learning to play an instrument early in a child’s life can help […]