packing up 2023 with love

For our end-of-year fundraiser, a monthly donation of $20 or a one time of $200 will send a backpack to one of the kids, and keep the music playing all year long! Our KEYS to Learning Series highlights what we do at Play It Forward as we ask you, our valued supporter, to help put those KEYS in the hands of our students.

packed with love

On that note, in 2024, we are asking folks to commit to one of two options:

  1. Make a monthly donation of $20 for 2024.
  2. Make a one-time $200 donation that will be used to fund 200 students receiving backpacks!

We realize our supporters often assist many nonprofits in our community, not just us, so any contribution you can make to Play It Forward is more than welcome.

We are in an exciting period of organizational growth and improvement, as we’re becoming better and better known in the educational and nonprofit communities. We hope you will continue to accompany Play It Forward as we journey toward a brighter future for all the children we serve.

donation matching

Double your donation today by matching through your employer! Find out with our easy-to-use search below to find out if your employer participates in matching, how much they will match, and what to do to let them know!

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