Students share why they like music lessons

Each year, when Play It Forwards re-enrolls children, we ask them a simple question on their applications: “Why do you want to take music lessons?”

The answers offer a fascinating glimpse into the minds of our students. Again, and again students cite “fun” as a key factor in what draws them to learn an instrument.

“Music lightens up my day,” one child wrote, adding that playing music “runs in my family.”

Many children said that they “love music” and that it makes them “happy.” Some said they hope to become professional musicians someday while others shared they enjoyed music as a hobby.

As of this article’s publication, at least 90 students have pre-registered for Play It Forward lessons in piano, guitar or ukulele. We’d like to share some of the answers they wrote on their applications to let our supporters know how much of a positive impact they are having on these children.

Widening horizons

“Learning music increases my creativity, it’s a great way to grow your brain and to relax,” one child wrote. “It is also enjoyable.”

“I enjoy music and overcoming challenges,” wrote another student. “It’s fun to learn new songs.”

A number of children noted how music helps them relax
“It is a (de-stressor) for me,” one kid wrote. “It makes me feel good inside when I play music.”

Stronger relations

Interestingly, without prompting, a number of children revealed they were achieving one of Play It Forward’s goals – to strengthen students’ bonds with others. Whether it’s getting closer to their families friends or teachers, it’s clear that studying music helps kids socialize with others.

“I want to become a musician when I grow up, and I want to jam out with my grandpa,” one child wrote.

“I love music and singing, writing my own songs, and I am going to start a band with my friends,” wrote another.

“I can share something I appreciate with people,” one child said.

Feeling alright

Another answer that came up, again and again, was how much music helps children express their feelings.

“I like to sing songs when I’m happy and when I’m sad, and if I learned to play an instrument, I could play it with the songs I sing,” one student wrote.

“I love the sound of the piano and playing it,” wrote another.

Challenge accepted

Some students added that they were surprised how much they enjoyed studying music and welcomed playing in public at Play It Forward’s annual recitals.

“I enjoy music and overcoming challenges,” one student wrote.

“It’s fun to learn new songs.”

“I like piano more than I expected,” one child wrote. “I like to create music and to play songs I like.”

Finally, one student shared that learning the keys on piano unlocked their own sense of self.

“I’m just interested in playing it!” the student exclaimed. “The reason why I picked piano is because it’s more me!”