Playtime to Phenomenal

“Gus started playing on a toy Christmas piano when he was little, his parents soon noticed he had an ear for picking out a tune. Thanks to the gift of a new piano and lessons his progression has been phenomenal!”

Gus is a 5th grade student at Kairos and very passionate about music and playing the piano. He’s inspired by the classics, as well as music in his favorite video games, movies and TV shows. After playing around on a toy Christmas piano when he was little, his parents noticed that he seemed to have an ear for picking out a tune and sought out a way for him to learn more. Now, he has a piano in his home, which he uses for practice for his lessons and he’s also playing for family and friends, who love to hear his talent.

When he heard that Play It Forward was offering piano lessons at school AND the gift of a piano of his very own, he was amazed. He and his parents immediately applied and he began taking lessons in the Fall of 2018. His progression has been phenomenal and we are so proud of the commitment he has made to his learning, the commitment of Ashley, his teacher and of our community that makes all of this happen for students like Gus.